Tree Inventory & Rules in Dane County

We provide a host of services that will keep your property looking good and at its highest value. Everything we do, is to ensure the health of your trees and overall property’s appearance. We start with a complete audit of your property to determine future planning and any current concerns you have.  A tree inventory is built with a completed map of your property and aerial photography for easy visual identifications of property lines and structures. From there, we prioritize all immediate services required and then plan into the future for the health of your trees.

Cost Breakdown:

$75/Property – Setup Fee (Includes Drone photos)


Whats included:

Trees are tagged and photographed

Overall health condition of tree from Canopy down to the roots

Pruning/maintenance/health schedules

Suggested Tree Removals and Hazards highlighted

Health Rating and recommended treatments if any needed

Mulch and compost recommendations

New trees and future planting recommendations