What is Chlorosis?

Chlorosis is a common nutritional disorder of many woody ornamentals in Wisconsin, particularly the southern and eastern parts of the state.

What does chlorosis look like? 

Symptoms of chlorosis are easy to distinguish from those of other diseases. Affected leaves turn yellow, except for the veins, which remain green. In severe cases, the yellow foliage may turn brown and die. Affected foliage can occur on isolated branches, or over the entire tree.

What causes chlorosis?

Chlorosis occurs because the affected tree is lacking certain micronutrients, in many cases iron. Lack of micronutrients in a tree may reflect a lack of these nutrients in the soil due to poor fertilization.

How do I save a tree or shrub affected by chlorosis?

Chlorosis is rarely fatal and easily treatable. Fertilizing with micronutrients will greatly improve the health and appearance of your tree.