Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Capital City Tree Experts was hired to trim and treat my American Ash tree. The work was done expeditiously and professionally. I didn’t notice they had even been there other than my tree was nicely trimmed. They left the yard as they found it. No mess after them. Highly recommended.

– James Westring

The crew was excellent. Broken branch over the house was handled safely and easily, with any property being moved or protected ahead of time. The 11 arborvitae were removed in tight surroundings without any damage. I could tell that they wanted to do it the right way and had a good plan. They finished very quickly, with everyone knowing what to do and when. Great coordination.

This is the second time we have needed them, and they have come through both times. I wouldn’t consider anyone else.

– Bill Whipple

You just can’t get a better price or better service than Darrel and the crew. We had them take down a really big cotton-less cottonwood that was threatening to drop branches in all the wrong places. The tree was a mess. when the job was finished there was no mess, Thanks guys, you did a superior job.

– Jay Maynard

I wanted to write to tell you how two of your employees represent your company!

I was having a garage sale today (in De Forest) and noticed that they were taking a pine tree down at my neighbor’s house. I asked if someone could tell me what it would cost to have a tree removed/trimmed. The young gentleman extended his arm to me (as I’m handicapped) and together we went to the back yard to look at the tree in question. He was extremely knowledgeable about what kind of tree it was and what we could do to help our tree against disease, etc. I would never have known if he hadn’t told me all these things. I then asked if he could tell me what it would cost to remove a pine tree along the house. He said that he would have to check with the home base to see if he could fit me in because of their schedule (which I totally understood). But, there they were .. taking care of me as well as their scheduled clients.

All the while, Calvin and Ryan were the kindest, most respectful workers I’ve ever met. Seriously, they are the reason that my husband and I will have you back to trim a tree that is growing into our roof. They are the reason that I will spread the word about your company and the type of employees they employ. If I had a company of my own .. I would hire them right out from under your feet. Please know that you have 2 employees that you never want to lose. Give them a raise because they deserve it! I’ve never seen 2 people do that amount of work in that amount of time and cleanup as well … they were amazing.

Thank you for allowing them to help me today and thank you for recognizing the importance of wonderful employees.

We will be calling back.

– Jo Kitsemble Cooper

I couldn’t be happier with the work done last week, pruning our large Ash tree. Leo and Ricky did a fantastic job; they were professional, hard working and very thorough. I highly recommend Capital City Tree Experts!

– Scott Mueller

I have had nothing but amazing service from Capital City. They are timely, honest and have always given me detailed information on any work I have done, which includes tree trimming and injections. I trust them and would recommend them 100%.

– Mara Helmke

Miguel was extremely helpful and went above and beyond with answering our questions. The removal of the tree went seamlessly and the cleanup was done promptly and looked great! We are so happy we went with Capital City Tree, they did a fantastic job!

– Tiffany Bennethum

Capital City Tree Experts removed a very large tall locust tree in the back of the fence near electrical lines. They had to remove a portion of the fence in the front to get in the yard & a portion in the back to get at the base. They ground out the stump, chipped the brush, hauled away the wood, did a great clean up of the yard, put back the portions of the fence that was removed so you didn’t know it had been even taken out. The crew of four were excellent (Forester, Andy & 2 others); they were personable, prompt, explained exactly what they were about to do & made sure I had no questions, completed the project in a very timely fashion. I most certainly would recommend your services to anyone. Thanks very much for the great service.

– Judy Arzt

These folks were absolutely AMAZING! I had a huge Linden tree that was way too close to our house, and needed to go for safety and all the ridiculous beetle poop from the Japanese Beetles in the summer. I called about four different companies for quotes. Right out of the chute, I was blown away with these guys as they came on-site () and brought with them a copy of their insurance coverage and policy. Class act. Because of this show of professionalism, I figured they would be way more expensive than the other quotes. Turns out they were the cheapest……….by far!
Usually, if you take the cheapest bidder, one would expect to have to deal with a little slop. That’s the most amazing part. These guys were awesome! They sent emails to keep me up to date on when they were coming and called the day before for any instructions. They were professional and listened to my concerns when they came on site too! I wanted to be careful of some new sod I had laid earlier in the fall, so I took down a section of fence, but was running late for work/school. The climber was awesome and finished taking down the section of fence for me. I had no expectation that they would put the fence back together as it was more a convenience for me, but they did anyways. Then they had a guy show up later that night to put some soil and seed in the divots they made from felling a large tree! What? I told the guy to go home and be with his family, but what amazing service.
Bottom line, I will only go with these guys in the future and would recommend them to anyone!

– J. Anderson