Bio Root Stimulant: Fertilizer

In the forest the cycle of growth and decay is virtually uninterrupted and naturally occurs. Decaying vegetation is broken down into nutrients in the soil where they are taken up by growing plants & Trees through their root systems.

In the cities and urban environments, where leaves and grass clippings are raked from lawns frequently, nutrients are no longer readily available to the trees and over time starved out. Thus, Fertilization is a necessary substitute for natures cycle. Our Bio Root Stimulant can help keep a healthy tree happy as well as help a sick tree fight off insects and diseases, thus making them happy too.

Signs to look for:

  • Sparse Foliage
  • Small and poorly colored leaves
  • Shorter annual twig growth
  • A large amount of dead wood
  • Dieback at the end of branches

Benefits of soil fertilization:

  • Provides instant nutrients to your tree’s roots
  • Is the most affordable tree care program out there
  • Heals Soil so trees and Plants can flourish
  • Can be done anytime the ground is soft but best in the spring and fall