Quality Mulch

Our mulch is local — from trees we pruned or removed from Dane County ourselves.

This reduces the risk of introducing new diseases and insects from other parts of the state or country. We do not add any artificial colors or preservatives to our chips. Our chips are 100% from trees and not old construction materials waste, so you will see leaves and sticks in our chips. The purpose of our chips is to improve the quality of trees on your property.

Placing chips within the drip line of trees at 5-6″ deep is one of the best things you can do:

  • Chips break down over time and provide nutrients to the tree
  • Chips reduce weeds and grass from growing and stealing nutrients and water
  • Chips keep the soil moist and reduce compaction which is devastating to tree roots
  • Chips moderate soil temperatures
  • Chips keep lawn mowers and weed eaters away from the trunk

We offer the best quality, affordability and environmentally-safe mulch for your commercial business or residential yard.

Double Shredded Chips are smaller and more uniform in size, break down faster, less leaves and sticks.