What is a growth regulator you ask? This is our newest service we are now offering in our PHC department. Trees with growth issues benefit from an evaluation by a licensed Certified Arborist. Our experienced tree experts will help determine the cause of the growth problem and the best way to correct it.

Common problems our experts deal with are:

  • Stunted growth
  • Limited space for roots
  • Roots circling trunk of tree (girdling roots)
  • Tree is becoming too large for space
  • Branches hanging over or rubbing on building or structures
  • Tree growing into power or telephone lines
  • Tree roots causing damage to sidewalks, foundations, lawns
  • Tree growth is intruding into a neighbor’s yard, structure or space

Our growth regulator slows the vegetative growth of trees. It is used as our last step in the pruning process as a way to extend trim cycles, improve safety and to promote healthier trees by triggering secondary health benefits.

Secondary Health Benefits:

  • Increase the longevity of trees growing in stressful conditions
  • Increase fine root density
  • Improve drought and heat resistance Increase disease resistance
  • Reduce the effects of urban tree stress