The Air Spade is an arborist’s tool for safely removing soil from the base of a tree or around its roots, without significant damage. Exposing the root flare can provide our consulting arborist with valuable information regarding the general health or structural integrity of your tree.

Your trees health is important and there is more at stake than what the eye can see. It is just as important to maintain your trees roots as it is the canopy.

The Air Spade is device that uses compressed air to break up and remove soil. It works much more quickly than conventional digging, and it eliminates the danger of damaging tree roots or utility lines. Air Spading allows us to remove soil without digging and damaging the roots to inspect and prune any problems we find. Common services we provide with the Air Spade are:

  • Soil Removal and Replacement
  • Compacted Soil
  • Girdling Roots
  • Root Pruning