Lot Clearing

Have many trees to take down? No problem. We can clear your lot for you. And we do it quickly and safely. We tether limbs and remove them with ropes; they’re lowered to the ground with ease.

Without yearly maintenance, certain species of shrubs can populate an area of land at an alarming rate. We’ll help you reclaim your property from unmanageable trees and brushes. Get in touch with Capital City Tree Experts before the problem gets any worse!

Even if you just bought a new property that hasn’t been maintained for several years, you can count on Capital City Tree Experts to clear the entire lot efficiently and for a reasonable price.

Lot clearing services and benefits:

  • Complete land clearing
  • Reclaim overgrown areas
  • Stop the spread of prolific shrubbery
  • Gain valuable firewood
  • Branch removal
  • Brush removal